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Tuesday 09 October 2018 at 01:34 am.

Looking for ideas to use that extra outdoor space in your home? Here are some popular home extension examples you might want to try:

Glass Extensions – This kind of extensions are getting popular for a variety of reasons. First, it is very versatile. You can think of a variety of purposes for an extended glass room outside your house; a gardening spot, workshop, or even a dining area. Also, glass extensions can be matched with almost any architectural design of the house, from bricks to London elite trades lofts wooden planks. Frameless glass extensions can even provide considerable light to an unkempt Victorian building.

Rear House Extensions – That space behind your house, regardless of size, can be maximized and expanded. Most rear house extensions nowadays can even go as far as the next-door neighbor’s wall. The extra space you get out of this extension are usually complementary to your kitchen or bathroom; rooms which are commonly placed at the backside of the house.

Sunroom – Conservatories, although convenient because you don’t need planning permission for it, are getting out of fad. These rooms may give considerable natural light, but it can get too hot on summers and too cold on winters. Sunrooms, on the other hand, is becoming more popular. It’s insulated rooms and walls provide protection while allowing you the natural light you need for your home.

Basement conversions – Luxurious basements are becoming a trend in central London, with notable people expanding their basements for added luxury and posh. If you have the budget, contact a reliable contractor like London Elite Trades for quality and safe basement expansion. Their electricians can also safely install tricky setups for your new and expanded basement.

Loft expansions – Those cobweb-infested attics are things of the past. Now, lofts are being converted for added functionality like bedrooms, workshops, and even entertainment rooms. Maximizing this existing space would require less money and effort.

These house extension examples are to name a few. Find out those extra space you have and have fun expanding!