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How to get free subscriptions at Course Hero

Wednesday 15 August 2018 at 06:00 am.

Course Hero is one of the best online learning libraries as it offers more than two miilion of documents that you can use as you improve your GPA. However, if you’re a student, the paid subscription can be costly especially if you’re on a student loan. So, knowing free premium accounts on popular websites such as Course Hero, you can be sure that you’ll learn without spending a penny.

So, here are the ways to get the free subscription at Course Hero.

Study documents

If you love to write study documents, you can upload Medium to the Course Hero. When you upload a document, you’re eligible to obtain free membership. However, you must be able to wait if the document you uploaded passed the standards of the website.

To avoid being rejected, you must make sure that you’re providing quality content. So, it’s better to run your grammar checker before you upload the documents. Don’t forget to fact check your documents because no one would want to learn wrong information from Course Hero.

You must be able to tag the right university and the right subject so the document won’t be rejected. Incorrect tagging is one of the reasons of low approval.

Create Quizzes

If you’re not the type of person who is knowledgable in writing, you can create quizzes. When you create a quiz, you can get three unlocks for your reward. It also means that you’re eligible to get a premium content for free. You can receive the reward as soon as the quiz is approved. However, you must keep in mind that you’re only getting a one-time reward for creating quizzes.

You can also rate content to earn a premium reward. You can rate it based on your opinion. It’s fine to rate thumbsdown if that’s what you think is proper. You’ll still earn a premium reward.