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Why Gamers Are Going Crazy For Grand Theft Auto V

Thursday 28 June 2018 at 04:46 am.
It sounds crazy but even after five long years, GTA 5 download remains one of the most in-demand games created for the Grand Theft Auto Series. The fact that it garnered over $800 million sales in its first day (better than GTA Vice City Download) is a testament of how well-beloved this game is. Still, one has to wonder how GTA 5 free download was able to achieve such success with the gaming community.

The most profitable game of all time?

According to industry experts, even when you combine the total sales of GTA 3, GTA 4, Vice City, and San Andreas, the total sales of GTA Vice City Download 5 is still much higher. There are a few reasons why GTA 5 has reached such a phenomenal and historical debut in the gaming industry. For one, GTA 5 has freely taken advantage of their regularly updated and constantly expanded multiplayer gameplay.


Its success is not limited to the US either, nabbing the 3rd ranking for the best selling video game in the UK and across Europe. Even with the impending release of Red Dead Redemption 2, experts are saying that it would be extremely difficult for Rockstar (the game maker) to top GTA’s stunning sales records.

The reason for its popularity

Aside from being the pioneer of similar games, the GTA series has the advantage of being played not only on consoles, but also on PCs and other dedicated handheld devices. In short, no matter the platform, gamers are guaranteed to enjoy a quick game or two with GTA.

In addition, GTA has shown tremendous improvement in terms of graphics and gameplay. Like fine wine, GTA only gets better with age. As the series progresses, gamers can’t help but anticipate the upcoming GTA 6 just to see if it can live up to the high level of expectations set by the newest release, GTA 5.