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Triathlon: the most common distances

Wednesday 16 May 2018 at 06:16 am.

Whether or not you have competed or joined a triathlon before or if you are just an observer watching events like that, you will have to think about the distances that the races cover. Are they different? Are there different categories in which a triathlon is subdivided? After biking and then swimming, then having to run, though it does not mean it is always in that order, how do you know which is which? As fascinating as a sport triathlon is, you should know more about it. Here are the four basic distances that are used in triathlon. Find more about triathlon search at this site sportcoaching.co.nz

Olympic based

The first one would be the one that follows the guidelines of the Olympics. This means that a competitor is required to swim for around one and a half kilometers, then bike around a certain route of forty kilometers. After that he or she would have to run for ten kilometers to achieve the goal. It is truly a test of endurance all in all when you think about it thoroughly.

Ironman triathlon

This one is the most famous of all the lengths of triathlons. In this, the swim consist of around three point eight kilometers and then the bike ride would be around a hundred and eighty kilometers and then a marathon run for forty two point two kilometers. Truly this is a test whether you are an ironman or not with the distance covered, all things considered.

Half ironman triathlon

If you are not sure you would want to start off the bat with the Ironman triathlon, you can always go for the half ironman. By that, it totally means half the distance covered by the ironman on all aspects of the triathlon.

Mini triathlons

Lastly, the most friendly for a beginner would be this so-called sprint that covers only 0.8 kilometers for the swim, twenty four for the bike ride and five kilometers for the run.