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Tips on Choosing a Perfect Vintage Earring for Your face Shape

Sunday 13 May 2018 at 05:56 am.

Indeed there are many kinds of earrings available in the market, particularly the vintage earrings. However, people might be thinking if this will fit with them or does this tiny jewelry will be a perfect match for their face shape. Now, to help you determine the real score, we gather a few facts and loved to share it here with you, let's get started.

Vintage Earring for Inverted Triangle Shape Face

Inverted triangle shape face is when you have the widest forehead and with a pointy chin. It looks similar to a heart-shaped face but with a little bit different in the forehead area. Vintage earrings are perfect for this face shape as it creates an illusion of width with the jaw line. Click here to know more about vintage earrings.

Vintage Earrings for Oval Shaped Face

Oval shape can wear different types of vintage earrings. But some people loved to have a triangular form as it will express more of its cheekbones.

Vintage Earrings for Round Face

A round face, of course, looks circular with widest at the cheekbones. Try to avoid a large circular earring, but instead opt for a drop or a vintage dangle earring that allows you to look slimmer.

Vintage Earrings for Long and Narrow Face

For the long and narrow face, any kind of round vintage earrings will look good on your face. Clustered earring or short dangles will look fuller on your face.

Vintage Earrings for Square Face

People with square jaw should choose for a vintage earring that is medium to long with rounded edges. Also, try to avoid square studs as this will emphasize a square face.

What shape of face do you have? Perhaps this time you already know what is the perfect vintage earrings that will allow you to look more beautiful, shop now.