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SEO Auckland Names Top Critical Factors in an SEO Audit

Friday 04 May 2018 at 05:24 am.

If you are serious in making your online business grow, you should know that there is more than just hiring expert SEO Services. Your hired firm should be able to conduct and submit a report on the overall status of your website and what they can do to help you improve it. If done right, an audited website has a greater chance of attaining a better search engine ranking.

An SEO audit will help you determine the key elements on your website that you should focus on optimizing. SEO Services provides a short list of some critical components for a properly performed SEO audit:

  1.  Accessibility

Of course, the primary reason why you created a website in the first place is to reach a wider range of customers. It sort of defeats the purpose if your website has slow page load speed, long server response time, or keeps on showing the dreaded “404 error” prompt. Remember, a great content is only useful if your website is accessible.

  1. 2.    Content Evaluation and Keyword Analysis

These two usually usually go hand in hand. A great content means nothing if the keywords you used are too generic. At the same time, a great keyword or phrase might generate web traffic,but if your content does not, in any way, help your reader, then it is rather useless. According to SEO Services, an audit will help gauge the reader worthiness of your content and will help you strategize how to move forward with your on-page and off-page optimizations. 

  1. 3.    Competitor research

The main purpose of conducting an SEO audit is to optimize your website in order to edge out the competition. A competitor research will help determine how your competitors attract their web traffic and what you can do to circumvent that traffic to your website.A competitor research analysis would help pinpoint your website’s greatest weakness and put into context the exact strategy you needed to topple the competition.