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Common Sweden Travel Blog Tips

Thursday 04 January 2018 at 02:34 am.

Sweden is the largest country in Scandinavia. This country attracts more visitor through its public spaces which are ergonomic yet presents aesthetic. The country is pleased to welcome its visitors. If you have your interest in visiting this place, well you must consult someone who knows his country so much, but if do not know someone, you must read some travel blog bout this country. www.swedishnomad.com has more information on the Swedish Travel Blog.

Well, reading and consulting travel blogs is really helpful as it gives a lot of tips and information that are really important for your travels. If you want to go to Sweden but you are unfamiliar with this country, perhaps you should search for Swedish traveling blogs. These blogs will give you important details where to go in this country. But before considering the place, perhaps you should look out on tips on what to do in an unfamiliar country.

Here are some of the important tips from Swedishtraveling blogs:

Taxi rip-offs – It is common in every country that taxi drivers charge a very expensive fare for their service. In some countries, this practice has been declared as illegal, but not in other countries. To save yourself from this experience, you should familiarized yourself with the standard fares in all cities in the country you are planning to visit. Also, make sure that these fares are posted or reflected in the cab.

Insects such as mosquitoes

Sweden has also a lot of mosquitoes. Although it has been declared as malaria-free, mosquito bites are as annoying as ever. To lessen this annoying experience, make sure to put mosquito repellents when needed.


If you want to enjoy the beauty of the whole Sweden country, make sure you know what to ride on to reach your desired destination. Sweden has cities that are well-connected by plane, train, bus, rental car or taxis, ferries and even bicycle. You can pick on depending on how you would like to enjoy the beauty of this country. Well, biking is much more recommended as it saves energy. Not only that, you can also enjoy the beauty of other Scandinavian cities and the rest of Eastern Europe. If you would like to know what places worth visiting near Sweden, Swedish traveling blogs will guide you in selecting combination of destinations would work best for your available budget and time.


One of the safest destination in Scandinavia is Sweden. This place has a low to moderate crime rate and fatalities from natural disasters. What you need in staying safe in this place is just to follow standard caution when walking the streets at night.