Test Credit Card for Merchants

Monday 10 December 2018 at 01:05 am

Online shoppers are now using a credit card generator to give them a fake or test credit card in order to ensure that a transaction is secure. But did you know that these test credit cards are also of good use to sellers and merchants like you? Here are two main uses of a test credit card that you should take advantage of as a business owner:

Test your credit card reader

You can use a test credit card to see if a certain brand or bank is compatible with your credit card number. This is of good use if you are dealing with cards from banks that are not well known. You can also use the test credit card to make sure that the card reader is working properly before using a customer’s real credit card. More information on Tech and Business - click here.

Check if your online cart is working

Test credit cards are also used by online merchants in order to see if there are any error codes during their transactions. When your website is not working well and you want to confirm if your online shopping cart is fixed, you can use a test credit card to check if it works smoothly. That way, you can be assured that your online shop is fixed and ready to receive real transactions without compromising the integrity of your online business.

You can get your test credit card numbers with the help of a credit card generator or you can consult your local credit company and bank for samples. Citigroup, PNC Financial Services Inc., Chase, Barclays, andCitibank are just a few of the many banks that you can generate a test credit card from. As you can see, having a test credit card is not just about security for buyers. You, as a merchant can benefit from it as well.